OneLoad Features & Pricing Tiers

OneLoad offers four different tiers of service to suit your various needs. You can find the features available to each tier in the table below.

FreeBusinessBusiness ProEnterprise
Price Per Month
(with 1-year commitment)
Free* $75** Contact Us
for Pricing
Contact Us
for Pricing
Content Policy Non-Commercial
Video Deployments Per Month 100 200 500 1500
Upload Files Up To 500MB 750MB >750MB >750MB
Custom Video Groupings 5 5 25 50
Feeds (iTunes, Yahoo!)
Video Transcoding
Email & Embed Reports
Thumbnail Assist
Update Social Networks
Basic Cross-Site Analytics
Priority Video Deployment
Priority Customer Support
Edit Profile Settings
Content Specific Sites
Relaunch to Additional Profiles
URL Uploader
Video Recall/Takedown
File Download/Retrieval
Advanced Data Export
Data Feed(API/XML)
Campaign Keyword Tagging
Scheduled Launch/Recall
Manage Multiple Profiles
Multi-Campaign Capabilities
Multi-User Capabilities
MRSS/Batch Upload
Bulk Distributor

*Free for users distributing media, new media, UGC and other non-commercial content.

**Business tier is available for $150 per month without 1-year commitment.

Upload Files > 500 MB

  • Sometimes size does matter, so we support file sizes to fit your specified account limits
  • Upload and deploy video files greater than 500 MB to any video site that allows it

Video Deployment

  • The number of videos deployed (i.e. one video distributed to five sites counts as five video deployments)
  • Extra deployments can be made available upon request

Custom Video Groupings

  • Gain more insight into video consumption by grouping any set of videos to aggregate viewership data for analysis
  • Upgrade to one of our advanced levels to create unlimited custom tracking units

Feeds (iTunes, Yahoo!)

  • Create custom feeds for iTunes, Yahoo! And other MRSS feed readers
  • Perfect for users hosting their own video files, with a fixed-rate fee for users that need OneLoad to host their files


  • Easily create and automate customized video distribution venues
  • Files are automatically transcoded to fit any site’s technical specifications and distributed within seconds
  • Opens up thousands of possibilities for automated distribution to niche video sites, custom FTP sites, content delivery networks, cable outlets and more

Cross-Site Analytics

  • Powerful reporting dashboard to view, compare and contrast viewership information on your videos across video-sharing sites
  • Analytics include views, comments and ratings trended over time

Video Transcoding

  • Upload FLV files and we will transcode and compress them to the optimal specifications for each video-sharing site
  • We are happy to automate your burden!

Email and Embed Charts & Widgets

  • Schedule any of your charts to be emailed to you for a quick look at your video trends
  • Email charts to colleagues or embed them on your own site to share your progress with others

Thumbnail Assist

  • Choose a frame from your video to be the thumbnail image
  • Available for all sites that allow thumbnail customization

Update Social Networks

  • Automatically update your status on Facebook and Twitter with a link to your video as soon as it goes live
  • Status update/tweet will read: “VIDEO: [Video Title] [Link]”

URL Uploader

  • Instead of uploading a video file to OneLoad manually, enter a URL where the file is already hosted and you’re done!
  • Allows rapid file additions without waiting for uploads

Launch Video to Multiple Profiles with Single Upload

Once you upload a video, you can copy and relaunch it to multiple profiles (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, etc.)
without having to upload it again

Global Video Recall / Takedown

  • Automatically delete your videos from any video-sharing site

File Storage / Retrieval

  • Store uploads within your account and access them at any time

Advanced Data Export

  • Export any set of data over any time period into Excel
  • Choose your date ranges and data you want, we provide you with a more flexible Excel output

Data Feed

  • Grab your raw data through a data feed set up to your specifications
  • Allows you to merge your OneLoad data with other data sets you’re collecting

Campaign Keyword Tagging

  • Store your own private notes for each video file, from production notes to tagging videos to integrate with your database

Scheduled Launch / Recall

  • Pre-program the life of any video upload
  • Your video will be distributed and automatically removed according to the time period you specify

Multi-Campaign Capabilities

  • Track multiple shows or video producers within a single account
  • Toggle between campaigns via an easy dropdown list for quick navigation
  • Store multiple sets of video-sharing site credentials for an even quicker upload pocess
  • Users have total control over allocating restricted access for sub acounts to multiple campaigns.

Multi-User Capabilities

  • Add multiple users to your account and control their level of access
  • Perfect solution for collaborating with teams of all sizes

Priority Video Deployment

  • We proactively monitor your uploads to verify there are no issues. Consider it First Class travel for your video file.
  • You can call or email us directly if you ever need help or tips

Priority Customer Service

  • A dedicated representative will set up your account and spend time each month to deliver live training, share best practices, make introductions to other clients and be on call for your needs
  • Consider it your own Video Technology Concierge

MRSS / Batch Upload

  • Videos are automatically uploaded via an MRSS feed – great for producers that launch hundreds of videos at a time.
  • Create as many feeds as you have distinct profiles across video sites.

Manage Multiple Profiles

  • Users have total control over allocating restricted access for sub accounts to profile settings

Bulk Distributor

  • Upload up to 10 videos to multiple sites in one sitting.
  • You can also recall or delete up to 10 videos at once.